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5 IFTTT alternatives worth trying

Millions of individuals and business users have come to love and depend on IFTTT and all of the cool “codeless automations” it makes possible between disparate web-based apps and services.

But changes to the platform in recent years have begun to drawn the ire of some users, prompting them to more closely look at alternatives.

In mid-2019 the workflow automation platform lost many of its Gmail integrations. IFTTT blamed changes by Google to its API ecosystem that disabled all Gmail triggers and the “create a draft action” on IFTTT.

Unsurprisingly, some devout IFTTT users were unhappy. “I rely on IFTTT and the Gmail applet for a significant amount of automation for my business,” Reddit user Esivni posted. “Finding another solution will cause a large amount of down time and stress to me.”

More recently, limits on IFTTT’s free product have also irked some users, who are now restricted to using a maximum of three applets at one time.

However, IFTTT competitors such as Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate continue to offer Gmail automations – and, like IFTTT, most offer a freemium option of some description. If the changes to IFTTT have you seeking another workflow automation platform — or you’re just curious about IFTTT alternatives — read on. The following contenders are all worth a look for business users at companies of all sizes.

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