September 25, 2023

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A New KiCAD Tutorial Hits The Scene

KiCAD has a rightfully earned graphic challenge pertaining to beginners. The shiny new edition 5 has improved things (and we’re extremely enthusiastic for v6!) but the tool is a bit obtuse even when coming from a electronics design track record, so we’re normally fired up to see new finding out materials. [Mike Watts] is the most current to be a part of the esteemed team of folks inclined to export their awareness with his KiCAD tutorial collection on GitHub that normally takes the aspiring user from schematic as a result of fab and assembly.

The tutorial is targeted around the course of action of making a growth board for the dimuitive Microchip née Atmel ATSAMD10 Cortex M0 ARM CPU. It opens by asking the reader to generate a schematic and proceeds to instruct by directing them to accomplish specific steps then describing what is heading on and which shortcuts can accelerate things. This method proceeds by way of layout, production, and assembly.

Of note is that when defining the board define [Mike] describes how to use OpenSCAD to parametrically define it a neat micro-tutorial on using the two great resources to compliment each and every other. We also adore that upon successful completion of the tutorial sequence the person will have developed a small but handy advancement board that can be assembled for about $3 in solitary quantities!

As with all open supply perform, if you have quibbles or want to lead open up a pull ask for and give [Mike] a hand!