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Prehype Introduction

Considering the fact that its founding, Prehype has been a undertaking improvement agency. We have mostly accomplished 3 matters:

  • We incubate homegrown startups established by Prehype associates and EIRs
  • We create new startups in conjunction with the world’s major corporations
  • We make investments in startups and discounts that our community can insert value to

Prehype API

Prior to the networked age of the World-wide-web, computer systems had been primarily silos. Installing application on a laptop or computer meant inserting a floppy disk and downloading computer software to only that computer’s hard disk.

Firms today are similarly built in relative isolation. In a excellent planet, the making blocks of company would share a widespread language and be accessible on demand from customers.

Rather than start off from scratch on your personal, you would be capable to connect with on means you desired to start enterprises and increase your likelihood of results.

Entrepreneurs would be capable to…
Organizations would be in a position to…

Prehype is a platform for developing firms. It connects folks and corporations to the sources they want to develop fantastic new companies. All those assets have been crafted and maintained by Prehype, and leverage the historic knowledge, resources, and people today of the Prehype network. is an API for accessing the Prehype process of Idea Era and Prospect Identification.

The procedure is made up of preparatory study into a difficulty area, followed by an intensive 1 7 days workshop that delivers with each other area experts, stakeholders, and Prehype community members to study the dilemma domain and arrive at new small business prospects.

The output of is a person or quite a few LPPs or Lean Products Options.

Lean Product Strategy

The Lean Product Strategy is the output of calling A Lean Solution Approach is a presentation that consists of the ideal information and facts to make a determination if you should transfer ahead with the opportunity.

A Lean Product or service System combines the rational and psychological factors of creating a small business scenario.

Lean Solution Ideas range, but they normally include:

  • Qualifications and context on the difficulty
  • A one of a kind perception that justifies exploring the possibility
  • A description of the remedy and how it performs
  • A walkthrough of a consumer stream, or how the user interacts with the merchandise or provider
  • A business enterprise circumstance which includes sector examination, organization design, financials, and any other handy info.
  • A system for the progress of an MVP
  • A proposal for how to connect with to conduct a sign mining system to validate the program

Moreover an LPP will constantly include:

  • Model and id do the job to make a new model for the merchandise or company
  • An first design and style dash worthy of of UX/UI work to visualize the product or support

The objective of a Lean Product or service Prepare is to distill the products concept into a concise and exact business enterprise proposal. Armed with an LPP, you can now go to inner stakeholders, buyers, shoppers, associates, or likely customers and pitch the program to determine regardless of whether to move on to a sign mining stage or instantly into a new venture development and MVP make.

Other Prehype APIs

Acquiring Begun

To get began, set up the Prehype npm bundle.

npm install prehype --preserve

Make a new shopper by determining and authenticating by yourself to the network.

import Prehype = from ‘Prehype’
const workshop = new Prehype.Shopper(apiKey: ’api key’, appId: ‘app id’)


As soon as you’ve identified oneself to the Prehype community, you can kick off a workshop by earning the subsequent requests:

Your Inputs

3 sorts of input are needed from you to kickoff a workshop:

const inputs = 

  // a several paragraph description of the issue space to be investigated and the central thesis of why this area ought to be investigated - notice, this will be substantially a lot more fleshed out if a Prehype member is NOT a facilitator. 
  "quick": "YOUR Issue Quick",

  // returns a team of internal Prehypers important to conduct a workshop in this difficulty area

// initiate a ask for with your inputs


As soon as a ask for is submitted, and events concur to the conditions of accessing the Prehype API, Prehype executes a workshop:


Structure of Workshop







This is what is involved in preparing.

Workshop week

The workshop 7 days will have a image below.


The output is some thing known as an LPP, this is an example

What takes place future?

The abide by up consists of us undertaking

  • Context
  • Planning
  • Inputs
    • Prehype inputs
    • Your/client inputs
  • Timeline and Framework of the approach
    • M -> what comes about in this article?
    • T -> what happens in this article?
    • W -> what takes place below?
    • T -> what occurs listed here?
    • F -> what comes about right here?
  • Outputs
  • What happens following?


Upkeep is managed by Prehype associate Amit Lubling. Arrived at at amit at prehype dot com.

The payment construction for retaining the API is…

Obtaining Assistance and Opening Troubles