September 23, 2023

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Consider These Places For Buying Property In Spain

Where should you buy a house in Spain? These are the cheapest destinations  — idealista

Gone are the days of the great financial depression in Spain. In the post-recession economy, Spain is making waves in the investment world for the great opportunities it has for investors. Real estate investment in Spain is a viable option for foreign investors looking for a secure and profitable investment. Here are some of the best places to buy property in Spain.

The Alicante Region

The name “Alicante” translates to the “City of Lights.” This is the number one place to buy property as the property sales rate in this region is a whopping 43%. The beauty of this region separates it from the rest of the regions in Spain. Alicante region is ideal for people who are receiving a residential visa in Spain. If you are moving permanently to Spain and buying your house, it’s better if you read customer reviews to find the best companies for services and products. There are websites like OpinionesEspana that make it easier to help you choose the best companies. 

The Andalusia Province

The region of Andalusia is ideal for people coming to Spain to enjoy the beauty and the climate of its beaches. There are around 40 fishing spots in this region which is the 2nd reason why people choose this place for buying property. Andalusia is indeed a great place to start your fishing business if you consider starting a business in this beautiful country. You can materialize your dream of investing in spanish products if you come to this region. The big cities of Seville and Malaga are also considered a hotspot for property lovers and serve as a great place to start your own business. 


The city of Murcia is an ideal place for foreign buyers looking to buy property at a nominal price. But don’t let the price factor distract you from the beauty of this city. Brimming with the beauty of Mar Menor saltwater Lake, the neighborhoods in this city are only a short walk away from the great sandy beaches. Coming to the business aspect, if you buy property here, you can easily run a business of olive oil, wine, or fruits. 

Valencia Region

Rental prices have skyrocketed in Spain in recent years for foreign travelers. While some travelers can afford the rental houses in Andalusia, most visitors are after affordable options. You can buy the property and set it up for rental purposes in the Valencia region. Valencia is a great place that is connected with all the most important tourist attractions of Spain. Though with the low property prices, you will have to ensure that your apartments are top-notch so you can attract more prospects to live in your rental home. 

Costa Blanca

Golf is the sport for people who can afford leisure and top fun in the finest area of Spain – the Costa Blanca. Golfers from all over the world make their way to Costa Blanca to practice their golfing skills. You can buy property in this region and arrange all the amenities to attract wealthy foreign travelers. Availability of a swimming pool in your home can make it more attractive to potential golfers thinking of staying in Costa Blanca.