September 25, 2023

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dynek/crashplan-qpkg: CrashPlan QPKG for x86-centered QNAP

CrashPlan for Tiny Company is backup computer software that lets Windows, Mac and Linux end users to back up their information to an offsite details middle as nicely as to connected drives / shared folders. Files are encrypted using AES-256 encryption prior to transmission. Backup transmission is then scrambled working with 128-little bit encryption.

This it the resources to make a QPKG installable on an x86 64-bits QNAP machine (QTS >= 4.3).

Script can be utilized to establish the QPKG.
The script is very unsightly and uncommented, experience cost-free to make improvements to!
It only usually takes one parameter which is the CrashPlan tgz file.
Make certain to read through the script to fully grasp what it is really accomplishing.

src/qpkg/shared/ is the init script that will be copied within QPKG to start out/end/restart CrashPlan provider.

src/qpkg/shared/htdocs is the directory of the pretty simple world-wide-web interface provided to the people to change volume of RAM allotted to JAVA process as well as be capable to adjust listening IP deal with.

src/qpkg/shared/bin/ is a script that could be utilised by CrashPlan services if restart is desired.

src/qpkg/x86 is made up of factors relevant to CrashPlan for x86 architecture.

Finally src/qpkg/shared includes matters not offered by CrashPlan’s tgz.

File src/qpkg/qpkg.cfg includes info about QPKG. You will most likely want to alter QPKG_VER (As a make a difference of data, ending integer is elevated on each individual release).

Make positive QDK is set up on your QNAP to be in a position to establish QPKG.

Create result will be found in focus on/qpkg/make.