September 25, 2023

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ED: Guaranteeing a sustainable vaccination system

There is no assure that vaccination will rid Covid-19 the moment and for all

There is hope that Bangladesh will quickly have the Covid-19 vaccine to start administering it on the populace.

On the other hand, as virologist Prof Dr Nazrul Islam cautioned, it could be a very long time ahead of the entire population is immunized, which could be even further jeopardized if we do not have an helpful program in area on vaccinating the population.

The Covid-19 vaccine is a priceless commodity, and as this sort of, it behooves all related stakeholders connected with the vaccine to be certain that it retains its success, and that no doses are compromised thanks to logistical or administrative bottlenecks.

Certainly, from storing the vials at the right temperatures, to correct implementation of the deployment system, to recruiting skilled staff to vaccinate citizens and preserving a database — all are significant components to the complete method, and failure to manage the highest standard in any of these avenues could successfully be disastrous for citizens throughout the country.

Furthermore, there is no assurance that vaccination will rid Covid-19 once and for all. We have to be ready for the probable actuality of many vaccinations, and therefore, in purchase to meet up with predicted future requires, we can’t and will have to not rule out discovering substitute sources of vaccines as properly.

Thus, as Bangladesh waits for the vaccine, we must keep in mind that only an productive and sustainable prepare that is applied well, wherever all relocating elements are beautifully in sync, will be ample to productively vaccinate the inhabitants.

It is also critical to recall that the vaccine does not sign the stop of essential hygiene measures — handwashing, putting on masks, and social distancing — will continue being the gold common to suppress the distribute of the coronavirus.