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Lean Canvas was created by Ash Maurya by adaptating the Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder as described in his e book “Business enterprise Model Technology”.

This adaptation is extra targeted on how business enterprise designs should be created in the Lean Startup spirit.

Lean Canvas is an actionable and compact business enterprise approach structure, dependent on problems, options, essential metrics and competitive positive aspects.

Although the framework is related to the effectively-acknowledged Organization Design Canvas, the sections headings have been exchanged to something
extra suitable to the Lean Startup and net-based app startups in standard.

The author describes the Lean Canvas and the concepts powering it on his website’s Why Lean Canvas website page.


QuickCanvas was crafted employing AngularJS and JsPDF.

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Lean Canvas is a registered trademark of Spark59, Inc.

The Lean Canvas alone is adapted from The Organization Model Canvas and is certified underneath the Resourceful Commons
Attribution-Share Alike 3. Un-ported License.

QuickCanvas software is accredited less than the MIT License.

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QuickCanvas is a undertaking by Fiore Basile, imaginative, coder and entrepreneur dependent in Pisa, Italy.