September 25, 2023

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Hacking Jointly A Temperature Sensor For Boiling Milk

At any time have difficulty justifying your hacking to everyone from a further generation? [Domen] introduced his mother with a custom-made device that displays the milk temperature as it boils on the stove, avoiding boil-more than. And he manufactured the gadget strong, easy to use, and foolproof. To his mother, it have to seem like he’s a wizard — ready to conjure up residence electronics out of solder smoke and some plywood.

Of training course, we know far better. Within his gadget is a very simple temperature sensor, an ATtiny841, a extremely wonderful home-produced PCB, a buzzer, an Liquid crystal display, and some pushbuttons. [Domen] rubbed alongside one another a handful of pre-current libraries, and experienced a doing the job prototype inside of a pleasant picket box on the speedy. It’s a straightforward hack, but imagine how this need to search to a muggle. For the thorough incantations, look at out [Domen]’s GitHub for the venture.

We particularly like the dowel-centered button caps and the over-all clean up and basic aesthetic. It speaks of the two the components on hand and the meant user. [Domen] claims that he’s heading to increase a low-temperature alarm also, which will increase a next alarm for when the milk has cooled down enough to incorporate in the cultures that make yogurt — presumably the purpose for the boiling milk in the 1st area. And check out the rivets on the double-sided board. We like that procedure here at our dwelling labs.

This venture exemplifies one of the motives that we Do it yourself. It fills a ridiculously niche require, and fills it with fashion. Try out obtaining that at Walmart!