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Jenkins YAML pipelines

Really do not get also thrilled. YAML is not in this article nevertheless.

Nicely, it’s here if you’re using GitHub Actions. And it’s right here if you’re accomplishing GitLab CI/CD. But if you’re a Jenkins consumer, you’re constrained to scripted and declarative pipelines only. But if you are 1 of individuals early-adopter styles, you can dip your Jenkins toes in the YAML waters by means of the set up of the incubating GitHub YAML Pipeline plugin.

In a the latest Jenkins tutorial on TheServerSide, I shown how to accomplish a two phase pipeline construct that pulled code from GitHub. A declarative pipeline, it actually wasn’t something specific, but it did demonstrate the fundamentals. Here it is in all its glory:

pipeline {
  agent any 
    phase('Log Jenkins Maven Docker Git and Java variation facts') 
        sh 'mvn -model'
        sh 'java -model'
sh 'git --model'
    stage('GitHub Jenkins Maven Docker Develop') 
        sh 'mvn thoroughly clean compile take a look at install'

Declarative vs YAML pipelines in Jenkins

So, how would a Jenkins YAML pipeline assess? It is very very similar. The round and curly brackets go absent, and the conclude result appears noticeably cleaner. But the developer who writes the Jenkins YAML pipeline however has to do all the significant lifting. Here’s what the YAML pipeline appears to be like:

Jenkins YAML pipeline

The Jenkins YAML pipeline is nevertheless in its incubation interval.

    - stage: "Log Jenkins Maven Docker Java and Git versions"
        - sh "mvn -edition"
        - sh "java -model"
        - sh "git --edition"
        - sh "docker --edition"
    - stage: "Jenkins YAML Maven Make"
        - git ""
        - sh "mvn clear compile exam install"
    - stage: "Final Jenkins YAML Pipeline Phase"
        - sh "echo 'Jenkins YAML Pipeline Complete'"

Comprehensive Jenkins YAML pipeline assistance?

The Jenkins YAML plugin is labeled as currently being in the incubation stage, so there is no word on when it will be formally introduced and packaged as aspect of the distribution. There has been talk about assist for Jenkins YAML pipelines for a few several years, but there has been no major impetus in the past to force the attribute by.

Having said that, with the attractiveness of GitHub Steps pipelines published in YAML, along with GitLab assistance for YAML as very well, my guess is the timeline for a fully supported release will occur soon. I predict we will see Jenkins YAML pipelines officially included in a launch halfway through 2021, even though that is pure speculation on my element.