September 24, 2023

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Language Parsing With ANTLR | Hackaday

There are lots of jobs that get in touch with out for a tailor made language parser. If you require some thing common, you can likely elevate the code from someplace on the Internet. If you require anything personalized, you could possibly think about looking through [Federico Tomassetti’s] tutorial on employing ANTLR to develop a complete parser-based mostly program. [Frederico] also expanded on this material for his book, but there is nonetheless lots to pick up from the eight weblog posts.

His language, Sandy, is sophisticated plenty of to be a great example, but not too complicated to recognize. In addition to the posts, you can uncover the code on GitHub.

The implementation code is Java, but you can continue to learn a good deal even if you plan to use a different language. The posts just take you via creating a lexer (the part that breaks textual content into tokens), the parser, managing syntax highlighting and autocompletion, producing an abstract syntax tree, and more.

The illustration compiler generates Java bytecode, so it can generate output that can operate anyplace Java can operate.

If you are employing C, you may possibly contemplate on the lookout up lex and yacc or flex and bison to get equivalent effects. You could also be interested in working with LLVM as a quite certain variety of parser if you are seeking to parse C or C++. Either way, a custom language is just the ticket to give your customized CPU undertaking a increase.