Seems Like a Lot of Free Software Projects Abandon Microsoft/GitHub These Days

Posted in Free/Libre Software, Microsoft at 8:46 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: The push to “delete GitHub” is proving more successful since Microsoft did what it did to YouTube-DL; we take stock of some new examples

THERE has been some good news this morning and further positive signs last night. Without going on another rant about GitHub (we explained its harms last week), let’s just say that every week we stumble upon projects that decide to delete GitHub. Sometimes they publicly cite a reason, but sometimes they do not.

There are high-profile GitHub-hosted (hence Microsoft-controlled) projects such as Rust, Curl, Godot and various other even larger projects I’ve been trying to persuade to leave GitHub for quite some time. Some progress is being made; but they have many developers, so this can take some time and a lot of effort (we aim to persuade the larger projects first).

Obviously, some smaller projects take a hike and go somewhere safer — something that’s actually based on (and remains) Free software and isn’t controlled by a company of liars, crooks, and criminals who bribe officials and attack critics by illegal and/or nefarious means. We see examples of that all the time.

Microsoft did not buy GitHub to help software freedom but to take control of it and then oppress millions of projects. It’s right there in the original plan (ambush since 2014). █

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