September 23, 2023

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The Teensy Audio Library | Hackaday

There are a couple of ways of playing .WAV data files with a microcontroller, but other than that, accomplishing any sort of significant audio processing has necessary a appreciably beefier processor. This isn’t the scenario any more: [Paul Stoffregen] has just produced his Teensy Audio Library, a library for the ARM Cortex M4 located in the Teensy 3 that does WAV playback and recording, synthesis, examination, outcomes, filtering, mixing, and internal sign routing in CD high quality audio.

This is an spectacular bit of code, designed feasible only due to the fact of the ARM Cortex M4 DSP guidelines observed in the Teensy 3.1. It will not operate on an 8-bit micro, or even the Cortex M3-based mostly Arduino Thanks. This is a challenge intended for the Teensy, while [Paul] has open sourced everything and put it up on Github. There’s also a neat little audio adapter board for the Teensy 3 with a microSD card holder, a 1/8″ jack, and a connector for a microphone.

In addition to audio recording and playback, there’s also a excellent FFT object that will break up your audio spectrum into 512 bins, up to date at 86Hz. If you want a seem reactive LED project, there ‘ya go. There’s also a truthful little bit of synthesis capabilities for sine, saw, triangle, sq., pulse, and arbitrary waveforms, a couple of results functions for chorus, flanging, envelope filters, and a GUI audio system design and style instrument that will output code right to the Arduino IDE for uploading to the Teensy.

It’s definitely an remarkable volume of perform, and with the range of capabilities that went into this, we can effortlessly see the top quality of homebrew musical devices escalating dramatically around the subsequent couple months. This thing has Diy Akai MPC/Monome, psuedo-analog synth, or moveable results box composed all in excess of it.